Stathy began his career co-founding a local ISP while finishing his education. His primary responsibilities were identifying market demand, R&D of technical solutions and aligning and driving both sales and marketing campaigns for the business. This initial endeavor was the spark for his passion in bringing order to chaos, adapting and flowing in high energy situations and driving value when few initially believe. This extensive and continued experience is the foundation for what distinguishes him in working with high growth and early startups.

Building on this passion is his ongoing and broad experience in working with technology AND aligning technology to the business. This experience lends itself to execute both at a higher velocity of innovation and revenue development. He has continued his track record of being a top performer in subsequent roles regionally, nationally and  globally with significant activity across APAC and China. Most recently closing a partnership with a top multinational technology company, landing both product and service agreement while aligning to the executive level for expanded enterprise wide licensing discussions.

Currently, Stathy resides in the Bay Area living in Marin County. He continues to focus on growing and working within the high tech startup space and additionally exploring investing and advising in the CPG space. He has a passion for food, travel and fitness having been a competitive amateur cyclist in a previous life. Although he no longer a  competitive cyclist, in his spare time he can be found spending time with friends and family hiking, running or riding nearby open space trails and visiting his local gym for olympic lift training sessions.

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