“Stathy Touloumis possesses a unique combination of technical prowess and business acumen. He was a key player in the success of the Midwest region, helping the Midwest become the top region in the world from a revenue perspective. Stathy is tremendous in front of customers, builds great relationships internally, and people trust him … more” —Paul M, VP of Strategic Accounts


Stathy Touloumis Profile Pic

Stathy Touloumis Profile Pic

I began my career in technology back in 1996. I dove head first into both high tech and the startup scene via an ISP business co-founded with my brother called JASKE. My primary responsibility as Directory of Technology was identifying market demand, R&D of technical solutions and finally aligning and driving sales campaigns against the solutions. Since that time I have realized and continued to develop my greatest strengths – My innate aptitude for working with technology AND properly aligning high tech to the business, ensuring maximum profitability and continued cost savings. Proven by survival from the “.COM” bust and continued evolution into a business class email and web-hosting service company. I have since continued my track record of being a top performer in all subsequent endeavors. I’ve recently moved to the Bay Area to focus on growing and working within the high tech startup space. Additionally, I’ve begun investing and advising into another passionate area of mine, the consumer food and beverage industry. I’ve recently helped bootstrap a new beverage brand called detach™ – Refresh.Rehydrate.Refuel. A drink with a simple formula, a perfect fusion of flavor and function to help you be your best everyday! Be sure to check it out www.drink-detach.com

Feel free to contact me for opportunities.

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