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Welcome to the Farm – The Goat Farm – Episode 1

Originally posted on The Goat Farm:
Welcome to the first episode of The Goat Farm. In this episode Ross and I chat about our backgrounds, our thoughts about DevOps, why the world needs another podcast, and DevOps in the Enterprise.…

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Managing Complex Systems Through Orchestration with Chef

When talking about the management of complex systems, orchestration is always a hot topic. This is because orchestration is often seen as the easiest way to represent and model complex systems, as well as provide a path to delivering complex … Continue reading

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Open Source, Enterprise, Service and Value … It’s Just Simple Math.

I’ve been involved with technology for what feels like multiple lifetimes. Automation has been a critical part of my whole career, in all aspects as a technologist and business owner. Invariably because automation equates to productivity and output, key drivers … Continue reading

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Achieving “Awesomness” with Opscode Chef (Part 2)

In part 1 of this series we focused primarily on the value of leverage and how tools, inside and outside of the context of IT can directly influence the output of the desired function. In part 2 we’ll discuss more … Continue reading

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See an “Alpine Rd” and I just have to attack it!

Man, I love California. At any location, at any time you can find just about the best riding. Both visually appealing and physically challenging. [iframe height=’405′ width=’590′ frameborder=’0′ allowtransparency=’true’ scrolling=’no’ src=’′%5D%5B/iframe%5D Looking forward to more in the coming months!

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Achieving “Awesomness” with Opscode Chef (Part I)

I’d like to start by sharing a statement that was articulated to me a while ago by a vendor of antiquated enterprise technologies : “It’s not about the tool but the craftsman that wields it.” – Legacy technology rep It … Continue reading

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Top 10 sales trends for 2013: An insiders perspective.

I read a great article recently in the Harvard Business Review covering the top 10 sales trends for 2013. I wanted to provide an insiders perspective to these trends with a focus on enterprise software sales. I aimed to cover … Continue reading

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